Minneapolis House

This little house was purchased after a whirlwind 5-day trip I took solo to Minneapolis in February 2016. In those 5 days, I toured 9 schools and at least 12 homes. I made myself sick with panic because I needed to 1. choose a school and 2. choose a house in that school district by 3. the deadline for early enrollment. I wasn’t messing around!

But upon entering the doorway of this house, I knew. Every step solidified my instinctual feelings that this is where we would settle, put down roots and our daughter would officially grow up. When I make a decision, that’s it. I am not a wishy-washy homebuyer. I think even my realtor was surprised that we put in an offer within a day of me coming back to Oakland and sharing the home with Mike. Within two months, it was ours and that June we trekked across this great country and moved in. We are on the south side, near Lake Nokomis. And it’s truly everything we were looking for.

Happy to say this house is mostly in need of cosmetic fixes. Everything is fine, just a bit dated. Can’t wait to dig in!